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Decentralized Crypto-Location Oracle Network


Symbol XYO
Start Date 20180320
End Date 20180521
Flatform Ethereum
Softcap NA
Hardcap 48,000,000 USD
Accepting payment ETH
Bounty Available

ICO Article


XYO Network

Decentralized Crypto-Location Oracle Network

Potential Use Cases Superiority

Network connectivity on the Internet desperately needs a reliable and secure technology. XYO Network here to provide secure, accurate and deprived data center solutions for the emergence of blockchain-based smart contracts, but this usage still has many data deficiencies and inaccuracies in its data distribution, oracle needs as a service support base in this case provides convenience and security in every electronic process. we believe XY Oracle network can provide security on every transaction process performed by every user in the future, Not many ICOs run Oracle-based and become the connecting gateways between blockchain and smart contracts and have a growing insight into the future where transactional use on blockchain will be massive, Orace XY has a very far reaching view on the field of blockchain and smart contract transactions guaranteeing the transaction to be transparently safe without any worries on the loss of user data that will always be anonymous. smartcontact that runs on oracle network on XYO will be a bridge bridge that is light and strong so that the potential of cyber crime that has been haunting every user crypto will be safe,

Smart Contracts and Location

The vulnerability of crypto transactions is particularly vulnerable to account hijacking because the current transaction network relies solely on user ID and Password on each transaction and if we are much deeper in our currency identity we have a private key which is owned by each owner of the crypto wallet, very threatening the users in everyday use because only with the private key anyone can easily make transactions already a lot of transactions that occurred the theft of accounts obtained from hacking and spoofing activities.
The XYO provides a sentinel service which ensures that every running transaction is known to the location and origin of each user so that only the original user can override the origin and destination of the transaction.
The XYO becomes a bridge by using ledger heuristic on each transactions with he ledistic ledger on each side of the transaction located on the XYO bridge will always be on the Proof of Origin on both sides which will be a very good point of data security.
transactions on both sides often occur interference from the parties who want to take advantage of transaction data, transaction account or hijacking account where this has become the image on online transactions, the use of Archivists on recording transactions into one important component in the heuristics in a decentralized where the transaction will be recorded periodically into a valid transaction base within the network.
is a service on the XYO network that will serve as an answering component for each transaction by querying and comparing the history of data stored on XYO networks, this is vital in blockchain transactions where accuracy and authenticity of transactions are valid, system service dividers not tied to sentinel services , bridges and archivists, Diviners become the service of Proof of Origin data that runs upon data authentication requests on transactions within XYO Network.

Comparisons to previous token sales and ICOs

With the services provided by XYO network we are confident that the vision and mission provided by XYO is urgently needed in the future, parts of the services or components offered by XYO are well grounded in the security needs of blockchain based transactions and smart contracts, the reasons and solutions component-based security on XYO will be the benchmark or foundation of blockchain to be imitated by other manufacturers in the future. Guarantee of token ecosystem and the course of ICO XYO project can be easily understood by everyone and its use will be massive because you do not need to be smart or have high insight in managing your assets because XYO service will cover all security requirement in every running transaction inside it. ICO’s previous counterparts have many ICOs offering blockchain networks but do not expose the security systems they use, so that the services of ICOs that were previously in place have no guarantee of good usage and ecosystems in the future.


Comparisons to other white papers

Comparisons on ICO’s white paper become critical in choosing the ongoing ICO, you will not believe in XYO’s white paper we have read, the XYO white paper is very different from the white paper on the network security field we previously read from Other ICOs, their white paper is unique and describes in detail the needs of the Oracel-based blockchain network in detail and easily understood the needs of the Blockchain network, XYO whitepaper exposure looks professional in providing information on the XYO driving component and the small details on the blockchain, problem in blockchain finished peel by giving the diagram material and giving the formula as the basic parameter of accurate calculation in the security field and the token ecosystem of XYO. after seeing the entire contents of White Paper XYO their vision and mission are very convincing and we are very confident the team at XYO is a professional team.


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