WPP ENERGY Green Energy Token Backed by Billions in Projects
Green Energy Token Backed by Billions in Projects


Symbol WPP
Start Date 20180715
End Date 20181222
Flatform Ethereum
Softcap 5,000,000 WPP
Hardcap 250,000,000 WPP
Accepting payment ETH
Bounty Available

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Bitcointalk     : papa-tata

ETH address  : 0x559e557411523b8420C9d254C84fa350688D1999

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Energy mining currently damaging the environment at many global meetings held by the government and environmentalists are deeply criticized for the use of power plants that are not environmentally friendly because they can adversely affect environmental sustainability. the effects of global warming in some parts of the country can be felt clearly due to human behavior or companies that use goods or tools that produce pollution and adverse effects on the environment.
WPP Energy one of the companies that is very concerned with the environmental damage issue from the adverse impacts of the traditional way from government or company in conducting power plant activities. WPP Energy provides a solution for the government or companies to make changes to their power generation media that are not compliant with environmental hygiene standards, many generators currently used do not meet environmental health or hygiene standards, where many still use oil powered plants , coal, natural gas, gasoline power plant. resulting in a waste gas that damages the environment.

Power plants that damage the environment

Old-fashioned power plants produces flue gas and does not meet health standards that can damage the health and environment

The solution given by WPP Energy is to change the way companies or governments are still using the old way to generating electricity that has environmental effluent-damaging waste gas, WPP Energy makes it easy for governments and companies to convert their old devices using water-based power plants. in this way any power plant will not have pollution flue gas that has the potential to pollute the environment.

WPP Energy generator

 WPP Energy integrated generator will produce environmentally friendly energy

In addition to creating HCO Conversion industrial power generation, WPP Energy also creates several options for people and corporations to be able to enjoy environmentally friendly electrical energy such as HHO mobile power station that can generate electricity of 2.5 Megawatts / hour this is fantastic for a portable power plant where electricity generated amount very large that can be used on a wide scale such as schools, hospitals, disaster sites, and millitary purpose. WPP Energy also provides HHO Home Energy Supply for home power plants that are small in size but can provide for indoor electricity.

daily energy needs are increasing, many of the energy generators used by governments or corporations do not qualify for health and environmental protection, perhaps this is still considered trivial by some, but this is polluting the environment and will be detrimental in the long run, WPP Energy is very strategic in choosing their business strategy by designing an electric energy-based ecosystem where WPP Energy provides future energy development plans with several innovations of water-based HHO power plant so that it is environmentally friendly, the scope of this project is vast to many countries and corporations . the sustainability of their token ecosystem will become stable and grow rapidly in the future. WPP Energy has also designed an exchange green enery this token will make anyone their token user will be facilitated with internet-based services. the author believes the existence of WPP token-based WPP Energy, price of this token will double after ICO and green energy projects run, this project is very interesting because the business strategy based on green power generators we rarely encounter today.


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