Worldopoly The First Game to Combine AR, AI & Blockchain
The First Game to Combine AR, AI & Blockchain


Symbol WPT
Start Date 20180627
End Date 20180827
Flatform Ethereum
Softcap NA
Hardcap 18,000,000 USD
Accepting payment ETH
Bounty Available

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Bitcointalk     : papa-tata

ETH address  : 0x559e557411523b8420C9d254C84fa350688D1999

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Cryptocurrency era  is currently developing a lot of business models developed based on blockchain, various projects and ico based AI investments and the exchange became the foundation in developing this business model, but recently the Worldopoly develop game-based business model, the game developed is very unique different with other business models, the Worldopoly business model is very simple and very easy to play because their game base is very common and very widely known by the world community. in their monopoly-based game that connects with blockchain allows anyone to play easily and without the need for investment so this will appeal to all users from different countries. as we know the development of the gaming business is very fast already many depeloper game world received positive results from their game development. some time ago has released the results of studies from several gaming business analysis centers that prove the development of gaming is currently very promising where gaming is currently not only limited to using a personal computer but now many more depeloper game focus on smartphone-based games where the smartphone will be very easy to penetrate the market world with interconnected games globally and multi player.

This is what spurred Worldopoly to develop the first blockchain-based multiplayer game that can be enjoyed by everyone around the world with, but why use blockchain as their business base? by using blockchain everyone who plays in Worldopoly has an opportunity to receive some money from their achievements in the game, using blockchain everyone who plays there will easily help the eco-system token of Worldopoly easily. this will be the main thing in building a positive ecosystem in the game.  if you remember or have played monopoly you will easily understand how the game inside, Worldopoly game is designed just like with different monopoly is the use of money in Worldopoly game using WTP token used in various transactions inside.

Worldopoly combines exciting multiplayer strategy gaming with the possibility to earn real money.
During the next 3 years the game will receive more than 150 new features to expand the gameworld
and keep players invested.
All features under the following principles:
• preventing “pay2win aversion” by casual gamers
• game mechanics that keep the players involved
• a clear and rewarding progression system
• the inclusion of a social component

Investment opportunities
Early Investors benefit from a wide range of investment opportunities, such as classic advantages of
ICOs: special token deals and lower prices on WPTs. Furthermore they can use the early entry into
Worldopoly to obtain streets and buildings that can be sold later for a profit.

1972 % 3 1.23
Investments to project return Estimated project duration (years) Discounted payback period (years) Working currency


Worldopoly development has been calculated well, with the number of game users and crypto currency increasing every year. Worldopoly can easily target their gaming market easily to users around the world. interest in online games and multiplayer make Worldopoly will influence gaming users. encode with blockchain is a very interesting decision as part of their gameplay. their overall game will be interesting since monopoly is one game that is easy to play and known by the whole world. Wordolpoly is the first game to create a blockchain-based monopoly game that benefits each section of the game without having to learn how to play. their entire game is accessible to the rest of the world and their game usage makes the real world a part of their gameplay. the ecosystem in this game will continue to grow with the value of assets on the game this will be very beneficial for all token owners and users in it.


Visit WORLDOPOLY Website and WhitePaper to find out more


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