TrustLogics Blockchain For Trusted And Secured Professional Data
Blockchain For Trusted And Secured Professional Data


Symbol TLT
Start Date 20180506
End Date 20180606
Flatform Ethereum
Softcap 2,000,000 USD
Hardcap 16,000,000 USD
Accepting payment ETH
Bounty Available

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Blockchain For Trusted And Secured Professional Data

About TrustLogics

When other developers are busy competing in the AI industry, TrustLogics has a very original Idea by creating a project of digitized global data recruitment proces and centralized platforms, the need for accurate and centralized data is very important why some platforms have developed this industry but no one can maximize the complexity of the data into well-distributed data on blockchain networks. TrustLogics makes data processing that can be used worldwide accurately and securely, data copying at TrustLogics allows any platforms that work with TrustLogics to easily access and use that data.
TrustLogics allows jobseekers to instantly promote themselves in the TrustLogics platform so that it can be directly accessed by companies around the world directly without any third party according to the descriptions sought by job seekers. TrustLogistic will make it easy for anyone, user friendly to easily access and eliminate the gap between jobseekers and potential employers.

We aim for the development of this business into something sustainable guarantee ekosisetemn in it by providing support services in the form of users , Request for Verification, Build Reputation, Access & Maintain Verified Data, Hiring Referrals.

Smart Verification platform
This platform is created by TrustLogics to ensure data submitted by job seekers / users is valid, because with the trustworthiness of data by TrustLogics by comparing available databases and government agencies that work together to ensure original submitted data, Smart Verification platform assurance will provide confidence for job seekers and job givers that this peer to peer relationship is guaranteed.

Reputation Building System
TrustLogics reputation system is a system that allows users or job seekers to build or promote their personalities by adding special skills or special experiences that can be a selling point in the search for work, so companies can easily find the right person to fill the required positions.

Digital Portfolio of ISPs for Ratings & Reviews
The Digital Portfolio System of ISPs for Ratings & Reviews is created so that the work experience and collaborations that have been created can be recorded in the form of ratings so that it can motivate jobseekers in TrustLogics to work better and compete with other job seekers in rating, Generally the recipients of employment will look for highly rated workers as part of the continuity of work to be occupied.

Peer-to-Peer Hiring Model
With peer to peer models more effective for companies looking for suitable workers to be hired, TrustLogics will notify jobseekers of new job notifications, immediately those workers that TrustLogics recommends as per the specifics of the company’s request to apply. with this system the speed of the company will the needs of employees will be quickly met so it will not interfere with the activities of the company.

Special Features

Scan and Submit
The Scan and Submit feature is created for job seekers to easily view a job post by scanning QR code created when the job requirement is posted by recruiters.
in search of a worker or job seeker will be difficult if looking in large quantities, fiture network is made so that each worker can refer other workers as applicants so that the worker can be trusted.
Availability Status
do not waste your time on the availability of time, this feature is used for applicants and recruiters in order to determine the time available for meetings or job calls.
Block domains & Permissions
Jobseeker can block Domain or create any number of Recruiters groups and authoriz vacancies that are not trusted or not desirable so that personal data of job seekers remain confidential.
TrustLogics smart verification system screens every user who claims to be a Recruiter before they post any job or data request.

Work is part of the human need in life. companies and workers is a unity in creating a business. finding the right worker in running a business is a critical issue in pursuing a company, TrustLogics provides a good solution for workers and companies as a bridge in the right workers recruitment  for the company, and the right company for workers, in this ecosystem the workers and the company will be an environment in bringing up the TrustLogics ecosystem, with the superior features of TrustLogics ensuring the sustainability of the TLT Token ecosystem.

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