TraXion Transitions You To A Crypto-Ready Society
Transitions You To A Crypto-Ready Society


Symbol TXN
Start Date 20180616
End Date 20180816
Flatform Ethereum
Softcap NA
Hardcap 100 000 ETH
Accepting payment ETH
Bounty Available

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Bitcointalk     : papa-tata

ETH address  : 0x559e557411523b8420C9d254C84fa350688D1999

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About TraXion

TraXion – Transitions You To A Crypto-Ready Society. The use of money in daily life is a major requirement in buying or using various services such as paying for travel, buying drinks or eating, as well as telecommunications bills. but do you know the use of money today is very less practical if using fiat or payment using bank transfer transactions? it is far from practical and instant. massive technological developments across the globe and the race in advancing or facilitating human services are increasingly competitive in every developer project around the world. the use of Blockchain and the Internet network covering the whole world makes TraXion innovate in facilitating easy payment of all kinds of goods and services, TraXion has a very innovative vision by making Blockchain a better bank in a blockchain-driven environment, enabling its community to load, send , save, spend, lend, borrow, and more using a secure, simplified yet compliant application. blockchain today is a very modern, transparent and fast payment method. with feature features provided by blockchain, TraXion can put all the needs and transactions in life to be fast and easy.

The traditional payments that aimed by current crypto developers have not been able to hit targets, Traxion plans to make traditional payments of goods and services based on blockchain driven environment. but why should this be done? because on the basis of Traxion wants to make use of flexible crypto currency and can make any payment anywhere without any limitations. currently, the use of crypto is very limited to the recipient service makes the ecosystem of a crypto into a obstacles in its development. it is this reason that moves Traxion seriously in making Traxion and crypto a friendly and easy currency in its use wherever we are. this is a very difficult thing to do but with perseverance and a solid team Traxion sure and able to make Traxion and crypto as a popular currency in human activities.

Easy. Frictionless. Compliant. Enterprise.

TraXion Token or TXN

The world of payments, peer-to-peer lending, remittance, and philanthropy are TraXion’s goals in distributing TraXion Token (TXN) because in this transaction is a guarantee of business and sustainability ecosystem success, Imagine a world where for-profit businesses meets non-profit organizations into one whole crypto economy mutually benefitting borderless and frictionless financial transactions.
Combines our existing fintech and insurance apps in one ecosystem. the use of TraXionWallet allows anyone to move assets in various currencies into tokenization.
Creates inter-business blockchain solutions for closed networks. assurance of interoperability, data integrity, and asset tracking within the supply chain to owners in managing their assets.
has a high integrity in the management that makes the business system TraXion Token safe trusted and protected from crime such as wastage, corruption and money laundering.

TraXion is very serious in prioritizing guarantees, business orientation, vision and mission by encouraging the use of crypto in the general public by integrating TraXion tokens in the payment of goods and services on daily use. the use of TraXion’s global platform requires every user to perform this KYC procedure very important because KYC is a guarantee of the use of TraXion to users to avoid using the TraXion token for a crime. the features provided by Traxion are developed by professional and trusted team of experts in the development of blockchain. some of the cooperation that is key to TraXion’s success with Securing a Partnership with MasterCard, Securing a Partnership with IBM, Partnership with SEACOOP, Partnership with UnionBank – GlobalLinker, is a testament to the seriousness in the development of TraXion is widely safe and reliable.


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