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The Abyss
The Next Generation Game Platform


Symbol ABYSS
Start Date 20180418
End Date 20180516
Flatform Ethereum
Softcap 11,538 ETH
Hardcap 34,615 ETH
Accepting payment ETH
Bounty Available

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The Abyys

The Abyss Platform is a gaming portal that connects a flatrom gaming portal between players with developers using blockchain to take benefit, in the digital era use of games is massive, almost every game is currently on smartphone tablet computer platforms and consuls connected online and in the game package is available purchase packages that benefit game developers, but now the use of game is still limited only to the developer advantage, whether the user or player benefit, The Abyss aims to create a gaming environment where game developers and users alike enjoy the benefits of playing, currently game developers such as valve, electronic art, ubisoft and CD Project master game distribution in the world.

The Abyss aims to create a new flatform gaming environment where the AAA-titles can distribute to the gaming community to grow rapidly with the help of a powerful gaming community that will easily distribute games to users and creating a low-cost environment and distribution with reciprocal benefits of referrals.

Key Characteristics and anticipated benefits of the Project:

A powerful referral program provided between the developer and the user as an achievement with the provision of ABYSS tokens.

the use of a viral-based networking system that can provide notification of personal achievement when receiving ABYSS tokens as a reward (achievements, content generation, internal CPA Network, etc.)

The Abyss Advantages for Developers
the advantage of being part of Abyys in sales is being able to sell and receive direct profits from its sales.
sales use abyys token or fiat and can directly receive payment.
minimum payments from user to developer at least 70%.
developers can promote directly to users.

The Abyss’s Advantages for Players
players from all over the world can access various games directly in one place.
get the Abyys tokens as rewards or referral payouts.
Abyys token gifts can be transferred directly to Ethereum wallet.
can interact directly to all users within the Abyys flatform.

Platform Structure and Basic Services

Unified Authentication provides access to users only by using their personal social media, additional Two-factor authentication & IP blocking is assigned as a user account security.
Unified Billing and Dual-Currency Operations dual currency usage systems are rarely applied in blockchain systems, but Abyys provides convenience between users and developers to receive and make payments using blockchain access or Fiat currency.

The Abyss Forum, Abyss will develop a forum as a bridge between gaming users and developers in order to interact directly on a game subject.

Crypto Reward Ecosystem

for a good token ecosystem Abyss provides a balanced solution for developers and users to create sustainability abyss system,When The Abyss platform receives a payment, 70% goes to the game developer and theplatform retains the remaining 30%. 1/3 of our income is distributed to our referral program. Referrer receives 4%, 2%, 2%, 1%, 1% from payments made by his 1-5 level referrals.

How it works


The abyss flatform has an excellent ecosystem basis in distributing the Abyss token the way it is offered to developers and users making the same sense of mutual benefit where it is so impactful that it will invite more developers and gaming users around the world to join in this flatrom. because many of the users currently merged on another flatform do not receive an advantage in the form of crypto or fiat currency.

Visit The Abbys Website and White Paper to find out more


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