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Symbol TED
Start Date 20180717
End Date 20181008
Flatform Ethereum
Softcap 3,500,000 USD
Hardcap 21,500,000 USD
Accepting payment ETH
Bounty Available

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Bitcointalk     : papa-tata

ETH address  : 0x559e557411523b8420C9d254C84fa350688D1999

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Game  has become a daily activity for some people but do you know  gaming portal is only controlled by two big companies Google and apple. this becomes an obstacle for some developers in developing their products because they have to follow their rules and produce less profit. TEDCHAIN wants to change the way and gaming ecosystem so the users and depeloper had a better mutual benefit. TEDCHAIN believes by providing decentralized gaming portal blockchain-based will provide more benefits, where developers will more easily generate profits and as players are given the opportunity to mine crypto inside the game as part of the achievement.
We think this is a revolutionary idea to enhance the way gaming experience on the blockchain for all users, this way will have a very positive effect on game development and promote games to users. in their game portals TEDCHAIN has many capabilities to generate many benefits such as the way they promote games, advertising, and the sale of game and attribute games using TED tokens as in-game currency, this will help gaming users worldwide to contribute to ecosystem P2P ecosystems, business strategy like this will have a positive impact that we can see more and more global companies that work together and support their work.

TEDCHAIN ​​thinks details very deep about  how their platrom works and the ecosystem that runs in it with a lot attention to critical aspects such as the design of TED P2P NETWORK is a network where TEDCHAIN ​​will control the overall gaming experience in the form of a good game experience while played and This gives us complete control over network consensus speed, coin mining algorithms, and smart contract syntax, allowing us to optimize the system for gaming. TED BLOCKCHAIN ​​is designed to deliver powerful smart contract-based features to allow game publishers and server operators to provide gamers with the highest possible quality gaming experience and control over network consensus speeds, coin mining algorithms, and smart contract syntax, allowing us to optimize the system for gaming.IN-PLATFORM UTILITY TOKEN developers can easily implement tokenisasi in their game as a way of selling and purchasing tokens, giving achievements and rewards of tournament or competition using blockchain smart contract access. these points make it easy for developers to attract or use to join TEDCHAIN.


TEDCHAIN introduced the cryptobased games platform, any transactions in marketplace or in the game will use TED as a payment and how a players to receive rewards from their achievements, are games provided on the TEDCHAIN Platform free? some games will be given free access but in the game will be offered items or promos from game developers to buy to give players can enjoy a better playing experience. every transaction in the game will be under TED blockchain supervision will give security warranty to its users.


TEDCHAIN is seriously working on their gaming platform to compete with googleplay and apple store, decentralized development and secure blockchain game-based, platform that provides guaranteed access for developers and users, developers are given maximum access to offer and promote their games to receive a TED-based token sales advantage, and gamers who use TEDCHAIN’s services or using games from the TEDCHAIN platform are given the advantage for playing and receiving prizes from game achievements and tournaments. this will make a positive ecosystem and positive effect in the TEDCHAIN platform. will be more users are interested to join and play in it, with a very tight competition between gaming platforms this is actually a plus for TEDCHAIN.

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