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Sprintx new
An ICO Maker with an integrated exchange for Startups


Symbol SPTX
Start Date 20180303
End Date 20180517
Flatform Ethereum
Softcap 18,000 ETH
Hardcap 200,000 ETH
Accepting payment ETH
Bounty Available

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Bitcointalk     : papa-tata

ETH address  : 0x559e557411523b8420C9d254C84fa350688D1999

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An ICO Maker with an integrated exchange for Startups

The development of startup at this time is very massive every project developed has creative ideas and has the potential to develop in the future opportunities opportunities creative ideas developed many who have the potential for future progress and opportunities or ideas developed cover many industries on but the development of an idea into a real thing requires not only a reliable team but requires more financial support for the project or the idea becomes real, it is a barrier to any idea development when the making of flatfom, demo or the prototype of a project is very costly. this is what drives us SprintX to help fundraising in every project they do by realizing blockchain, smart contract into fiat fund.

The SprintX Ecosystem.
In order to move our sustainable ecosystems together SprintX – SwitchX – Fundación NOVA components as ecosystem wheels aimed at the investors, companies and Startups.

SprintX Ecosystem
components in sprintx work independently no interrelationships between systems that have been designed each have their own management capabilities.

will manage the feasibility and suitability of each ICO startup, by providing business development and training of professional instructors to make every startup joined by SprintX a success and grow into a truly promising project.
NOVA Foundation
every startup will be directed to a smart nova campus integrated with advanced technology to develop business and project insights in the venue, SprintX believes that campus-based development and education in business environments will make our Startups have more independence in developing ideas and widening their projects to a greater extent.
as the financial startup Backbone for the financial management needs in doing the project,the use of a Blockchain-based Internet-based SwitchX platform would facilitate transactions from crypto currency to fiat and vice versa, this flatform is very useful for funding the ICO Startup more easily and efficiently.

Business model

In the presence of SprintX will help many ideas or projects that need financial and educational encouragement in running their business ideas to succeed, SprintX will be a bridge to connect business ideas with financial needs can also provide insight support that is currently very rarely encountered by any project, with hope of the goal of raising or nurturing Startup in order to start the business, SprintX is committed to providing financial and educational services with the ecosystem guarantees of the SPTX token and distributing it through blockchain around the world, the guarantee will have a positive impact on Sprintx components in order to move forward and manage ideas start up ideas in the future…

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