SKYFchain first B2R blockchain based operating platform
The first B2R blockchain based operating platform


Symbol SKYFT
Start Date 20180310
End Date 20180815
Flatform Ethereum
Softcap 5,000,000 USD
Hardcap 30,000,000 USD
Accepting payment ETH
Bounty Available

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The first B2R blockchain based operating platform

The SKYFchain company is focusing its business outlook towards robotics, developing a robotics-based delivery industry that will become the standard in the future on manufacturing finance and robotic drones.

SKYFchain OP business model
the development of binsis logistic delivery of goods is still traditional we developed a very useful business model in the future by developing a drone that can send packets in large amounts of funds can fly away without any help from manuasia all in use automatically, the use of drones this is very useful with the ability of drones that we developed can replace the function of traditional logistics business into a full B2R automation business.

The Market
The market for drone use includes infrastructure, transportation, insurance, media, telecommunications, agriculture, mining, security. market use of drone services is still very wide open in this business. global services will be a priority in SKYFchain development. SKYFchain’s logistics business development currently includes drone services, but in the future we will develop a truck that can operate logistics by using our system that does not require a human being entirely controlled by AI. the development does not stop until the development of ships that are controlled by AI also become our shooting. all of these services will be global and every company can work together with our services in terms of logistics delivery.

MODEL : SKYF P2 (The Real Photo)

Model: SKYF P2
The SKYF Unmanned Aerial Carrier was designed and built at ARDN Technology Limited (UK), the development of this drone is the beginning of sustainable development on SKYFchain, SKYF P2 Drones has the ability to Flight range – up to 350 km / 220 miles and be able to transport Useful load-up to 400 kg / 882 lbs this capability we have tested repeatedly so it is worthy of being a mass prototype, the auto pilot control system has algorithms that ensure the vehicle’s safe operation and action in case of malfunction or in various abnormal situations.

Part of our development which is one of the cross-sea logistics delivery tool that does not use captain, useful for food delivery in the event of disaster, logistic delivery using SKYF MARINE is very safe fast and reliable.

SKYFT tokens
Token or payment using fiat can be used in payment in flatform or SKYFchain service, SKYFchain payment is connected with blockchain for transparency and comfort in transaction, alloxai on token 44% debirekan to crowdsale aims to create good ecosystem in token use.

SKYFchain Ecosystem
The ecosystem on SKYF token covers the areas of development and service of this project, all forms of transactions using SKYF and FIat tokens, in the future we are working with logistics to run this business together for the use of SKYF token more and more acceptable worldwide, all our prototypes are designed by experienced engineers throughout the B2R base developed by software makers who can already package AI on a system. we engaged with customers from agriculture, oil and gas, and logistics. We designed SKYF’s rugged performance and operational software based directly on the input of our customers. Our first market is Russia and we are beginning to conduct pilots (less) programs with Pony Express, Russian Post, and Slavneft Oil & Gas.

Use of drones in future will be more necessary in daily life SKYFchain sees it as an exciting challenge because the SKYFchain prototype has a very wide and out-of-shadow capability, SKYFchain’s drone capabilities are not limited only as a logistics delivery tool, but we see it more than that , try to imagine a multi functional drone as an efficient and fast efficient delivery tool and tools for daily safety support. to proyoke profits is not only limited to B2R but sustainable ecosystems continuously, and used in public umu all over the world, now many are interested in drones as a guarantee of future transportation but only SKYFchain which has made the prototype in size and capability is actually not just a idea.

3D-renders for potential SKYF drone use cases

Visit SKYFchain Website and White Paper to find out more


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