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The future is your genome


Symbol OMX
Start Date 20180316
End Date 20180516
Flatform ETH
Softcap NA
Hardcap $ 35M
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The future is your genome

Genomics is a field that studies the genome, to understand how an organism works, and what is the result of interactions between genes and environmental influences on them. While the genome is the genetic material that becomes the blueprint or the design of a living thing, mapping the genome into the main capital for each researcher to determine the method of making the drug for the drug to be effective when used. and as we know DNA and Genome are an identity of each life on earth that is unique. genome information is very valuable information for the health world because that’s where the various development or research is based.

Shivom’s goal is that as a worldwide distribution of genomes that researchers can work on to improve or heal human health, the role of the genome is critical in world health research because the determination of the technique of treating a disease, virus or genetic disorder at birth is a necessity. the information that this genome is currently is still very rare and the distribution of genome information is still very difficult.

this genome’s developmental background is very broad in the field of health, and this genome information is very needed by health researchers, pharmacy in the field of RnD,Currently genomics has a large role in various fields, ranging from health, agriculture, environment, industry and the development of science. By studying genes, people can find solutions to many fundamental problems in many areas of life.The large role of genomics is possible with the development of technology in the field of gene mapping and data processing,

Shivom develops applications that can be used by the community by analyzing their genome data to determine the drug, how to recover and regulate the daily health patterns of its users, the use of shivom applications is very reliable for its security in ensuring data from users or information genome does not leak the public because the current data security issues become the concern shivom.

the use of blockchain in the shivom business will ensure the security of transaction data between users or businesses to the business of transacting and in our blockchain the database will be encrypted so that our data always becomes valuable, as we know health is the main thing in life then shivo is dedicated to help manage genome distribution in health and pharmaceutical development to make it even more advanced thanks to the management of our genome database.

Omix: The Global Genomix token
the use of Omix tokens is the way Shivom maintains sustainability and ecosystem in business between B2B entrepreneurs who receive information such as pharmaceutical, medical, academic and university. with quality assurance of genome information provided we provide a facility or a flatform in managing each business that we work with so that everyone, employers or researchers can easily get results using OMIX tokens.

In the next few years shivom will become the world’s largest provider of genome databases, there is currently no world-wide genomic developer that develops our flatform as well by using blockchain as a platform to connect with various agencies as our transaction model, every day advances in health technology will grow and health become expensive as well as development or research.




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