SELFLLERY multifunctional platform that allows to receive rewards in cryptocurrency for publication and distribution visual content


Symbol YOU
Start Date 20180531
End Date 20180621
Flatform Ethereum
Softcap 10000 ETH
Hardcap 55000 ETH
Accepting payment ETH


ICO Article




SELFLLERY is a multifunctional social platform that allows you to receive rewards in cryptocurrency for social activities related to publication and distribution of visual content. The SELFLLERY reward system uses ERC20 tokens built on Ethereum blockchain technology.

SELFLLERY. if you like using social media daily SELFLLERY one of the applications that benefits from activities related to the publication and distribution of visual content.
the mission of SELFLLERY provides ecosystems from the distribution of visual content from daily activities in the form of photos, video streeming can also be used by companies as a media campaign, spread to a vast market and distribute visual content to the global market, all transactions in SELFLLERY supported by modern technology and integration on the Blockchain platform that makes SELFLLERY highly secure and profitable.
Nowadays it is not difficult for everyone to take photos or video record a lot on our daily tools that can be integrated with the photo and internet throughout the day like a smartphone, the use of smartphones on everyone can provide benefits to owners and media campaigns because it can spread the news or promotional content globally and can be directly accessed by social media can even be promoted on a variety of sites that require uptodate content.

Weakness in the market of photography or digital content adal sales market problems many digital content actors have difficulty selling their content because they do not know the market in the world wide, but in this digital era the use of smartphones and social media is so massive that anyone can easily sell their visual content very fast and easy, it is this convenience that will give users a good ecosystem and SELFLLERY in building a shared profit whereby any visual and valuable content will be entitled to a token instead.

SELFLLERY business model is very broad because visual content is very commonly used in media campaigns, publications and also news media. making SELFLLERY a business model that will be able to grow in the future.the use of SELFLLERY is a vast opportunity in the SELFLLERY platform that can make fields for the users in search of benefits thanks to their daily photographic results, as many businesses today require visually appealing and acquired content from people at prices that will ensure the ecosystem will continue take place.

applications from SELFLLERY provide toolset to users to benefit from photo sales, advertising campaigns, photo contests and special photo requests.

Use of blockchain as monetize visual content. the use of blockchain will greatly facilitate to each user or request the visual content in the payment of tokens on each transaction so visual transaction content will not be as complex as the traditional way.

YOU token-based Ethereum as the SELFLLERY token platform in performing visual sale of content that will be very easy to withdraw at any time to the user’s wallet, the use of YOU token is a guarantee of a good ecosystem where every user will have a guarantee in monetize their work, various support systems on SELFLLERY have been designed to ensure continuous ecosystem protection.


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