RedCab Decentralized Transportation Solution
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Decentralized Transportation Solution


Symbol REDC
Start Date 20180622
End Date 20180815
Flatform Ethereum
Softcap NA
Hardcap 24,529 ETH
Accepting payment ETH
Bounty Available

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Bitcointalk     : papa-tata

ETH address  : 0x559e557411523b8420C9d254C84fa350688D1999

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About RedCab

Transport becomes one of the many sectors that people cover, but do you know transportation becoming main need in people’s everyday life , RedCab is one of the companies engaged in the Transport sector where they provide a very attractive business model for users, drivers and investment . their business model is very simple to described where they provide a decentralized peer 2 peer blockchain decentralization in providing transportation needs worldwide. the use of the increasingly popular cryptocurrency in various countries raises RedCab to innovate to provide the transportation needs of various segments of society, currently crypto currency is still very difficult in the use of daily use, on the platform RedCab users provided a platform to facilitate transactions in paying their travel expenses. this is very innovative project because there are still very few transportation companies or travel service providers that meet blockchain. we are highly positive in some of the discourses or business model prospects expressed in their whitepapers.

Some transportation business models connected to the blockchain for us will not have a positive impact on the ecosystem, but on RedCab their design of ecosystem continuity is important where some important aspects of ecosystems are central to their project work, we see some important points in projects where they give positive value to give a lot of benefit to the driver, unlike other transportation business model, RedCab is concerned with the driver’s advantage, where if the number of drivers incorporated with RedCab will make it easier for users to find or request transportation services anywhere using mobile applications they have provided.

Network Dominance (Supply & Demand Balance)

RedCab business model to Support Tokens ecosystem (REDC)

Marketing & Expansion plan
RedCab team is very concerned about the continuity of this model business, our team will continuously provide breakthroughs in order to provide the best service and promo that will increase benefits to drivers and users everywhere. The ReadCab team cares that transport services are not just business and transportation business is not only RedCab but with positive innovation from Team RedCab the progress and profits between users, drivers and investments will always be ahead of similar services.

On several occasions we studied Transport-based whitepapers, mutually beneficial offerings of cooperation to drivers and users are rarely exposed, whitepaper RedCab explained in detail the benefits between drivers and users as well as small profits on any RedCab-based flatform, transaction will ensure the continuation of the ecosystem, the advantage to the driver will give a positive effect so that many drivers who will join this RedCab will greatly impact on the increasing number of means so that users will not have trouble finding the driver to deliver according to the desired location, some transportation packages provided by RedCab is an alternative choice needs used by users. we believe RedCab’s business model is very positive that will ensure the long-term sustainability of Token’s ecosystem, and the support of an innovative team that good at targeting current opportunities and promises. RedCab Trasportation meet Blockchain.

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