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Quickest Cross Blockchain Transactions


Symbol QCX
Start Date 20180801
End Date 20180901
Flatform Ethereum
Softcap 4,000 ETH
Hardcap 29,123 ETH
Accepting payment ETH
Bounty Available

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About QuickX Protocol

Payment systems on daily usage are increasingly needed in every area of business, not just businesses that are in need of a reliable payment system but every user around the world today needs a reliable payment system on every transaction. developers from all over the world are competing to deliver a secure and fast secure payment system. this motivates QuickX to bring a revolutionary payment system, where every user can easily make payments with ease and friendly in usage. the payment system in the future will experience a very significant change in every transaction where everyone will not use Fiat money in buying or transacting in their daily needs, electronic payments will revolutionize in the future will be because the payment system is very easy and simple in use.

Introduce QuickX one of the platforms that will facilitate every payment in your transaction based on crypto currency. QuickX believes the upcoming payment system will revolutionize a wide range of business areas so that Quickx competes to deliver a secure and convenient secure platform for everyday use. but what are the benefits of QuickX or that distinguish it from other similar products or platforms. QuickX is very serious to bring flaform that will give you various ease in every transaction where every user is given access to his personal wallet. the current problem is the use of crypto as a payment system in the daily transaction is payment using crypto currency is currently collided with a complicated blockchain authentication system where every transaction that will be done or takes a long time in the process, it will be very disturbing every make a transaction, try to imagine if you shop but in making payments you have to wait for blockchain authentication for your transaction to be valid for the cryptocurrency sender and recipient.

QuickX introduces features that are one of the key values in competing against other flatform payment systems, the current blockchain-based payment system is still highly constrained by the speed of authentication it must be very annoying to users around the world, QuickX provides solutions for every user of the currency crypto in order to transact quickly because you are sure the speed given by QuickX will be the differentiator with other flatform, and the cost of transactions based on flatform QuickX will be eliminated for convenience, speed and transaction costs are removed will be very helpful and will be very comforting in every use, this will provide a good ecosystem within the QuickX flatform.

QuickX Architecture

QuickX is very serious in delivering good and friendly flatforms in the daily use of crypto transactions, crypto-based transactional speeds offered over a blockchain system will be helpful, flatform QuickX has launched Multicurrency Wallet developed based on smartfone Web access and mobile access via android / iOS devices as a prelude to introducing their platforms to the public, QuickX will also offer Multicurrency Debit Card based payments, Multicurrency Debit Card interconnect and Multicurrency Wallet developed will make it easier for every user to save transaction time using crypto currency because the Offex QuickX is an Off-chain flatform where every transaction will be recorded in QuickX database then submitted to blockchain, as we know a blockchain system needs some authentication to ensure a payment becomes valid. QuickX Multicurrency Wallet and Multicurrency Debit Card revolution of daily cryptocurrency payments.


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