Kepler Technologies AI & Robotics Ecosystem Powered By Blockchain
AI & Robotics Ecosystem Powered By Blockchain


Symbol KEP
Start Date 20180626
End Date 20180717
Flatform Ethereum
Softcap 10,000,000 USD
Hardcap 62,500,000 USD
Accepting payment ETH
Bounty Available

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Bitcointalk     : papa-tata

ETH address  : 0x559e557411523b8420C9d254C84fa350688D1999

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AI & Robotics Ecosystem Powered By Blockchain

About KeplerTech

The development of an ever-expanding blockchain to various fields makes blockchain one of the best support platforms in developing ecosystems as business startup, we often hear the development of an AI startup, but what is AI? not many who know AI on some people still sounds laity. AI (Artificial Intelligence) function of the AI itself aims that in the future and good development can make Ai technology as a substitute for human or human assistant who can do a variety of tasks well and this sounds strange is also impossible, but with the development of current technology and the sophistication of its supporting devices it is possible. because the drive of human needs who want or can work efficiently safe and fast KeplerTech innovate as a platform who innovated to give a breakthrough in the form of development of AI & Robotics ECOSYSTEM BY BLOCKCHAIN.

Keplertek influenced by technological advancements developed advanced technology that is highly anticipated by everyone in the field of AI and robotics, the effects provided by AI and robotics are aimed at becoming an idea that will be very popular in the future where everyone will be facilitated daily with this technology, and make the development of Ai and robotics based on Blockchain ecosystem will become popular all over the world.

KEP Token

Why choose blockchain? blockchain has become one of the most vital parts for startups in how to collect / crowdfunding the cost of developing projects, choosing blockchain as a way of raising funds because blockchain is transparent, easily accessible to anyone and traceability investment. most startups AI and Robotics fail to collect funds (crowdfunding) when the startup has a good idea in developing the project if it has sufficient funds, KeplerTech present provide services to startup who have ideas and potentials by providing project development assistance in providing initial funding, as a supporter of the KeplerTech project using blockchain-based ethereum network publishes KEP token of as a way for people to participate in the KeplerTech project, the potential for future use of AI and robotics makes the KEP token one of the most promising ethereum network-based token.

Platform Benefits

Startup Benefits
Instant payment processing for startups using a PIN token or conversion to FIAT can be audited using Blockchain and 24 hours 7 days a week available Utility Token Exchange.

Benefits to Investors
Instant payment processing, Web and App based live reporting of all ongoing progress at startups, Lower payment fees, Blockchain would act as safeguards against fraud and Instant access to startups at different stages of investmnet opportuntiy.

Benefits to Governing Bodies
Transparency, Easy Auditing, Real-Time statistics, Employee fraud reduction, Accountability of all parties.

Business Model

KeplerTech provides solutions in the development potential startup  in order to develop the idea by providing initial funding, and on KeplerTech platform investors can easily monitor the startup potential to invest. the business model is supported by the KEP token as a bridge between startup and the investors in it to keep the ecosystem sustainable. the advantages offered on this business model have many advantages such as easy and friendly investment or funding, instantly between startup and investors, so startup and investors can immediately enjoy the benefits of KEP token projects and investments. The creation of Keplertech makes ICO project and startup easy for receiving instant funding, this is what awaited by every startup in the future, the current mechanism is inefficient for startup to build the idea, especially nowadays, companies that have a lot of funds will it is easier to steal or copy the idea of failed and potential startup, KEP tokens a good ecosystem link between startup and investor.

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