Humancoin The Cryptocurrency of Kindness
The Cryptocurrency of Kindness


Symbol HUMA
Start Date 20180915
End Date 20181101
Flatform Ethereum
Softcap 6,000,000 USD
Hardcap 26,000,000 USD
Accepting payment ETH
Bounty Available

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Bitcointalk     : papa-tata

ETH address  : 0x559e557411523b8420C9d254C84fa350688D1999

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About Humancoin

The idea behind Humancoin, Humancoin provides a brilliant breakthrough in how to distribute and raise funds for charity, giving convenience donors and distribute their funds in a safe and precise way. the difficult donors currenty  to charity is trust in the right institution or foundation in distributing their funds appropriately on target, on this basis Humancoin provides outside access to donors with their smart platforms, with blockchain as the backbone of their distribution network. allowing donors to easily monitor the funds distributed by Humancoin, this idea will give trust to donors to work together to charity and help the global community, the presence of Humancoin will have a positive impact on people to donate their funds continuously.

The use of blockchain technology as their backbone and the associated P2P Internet platform help solve the problems of the industry and provide a powerful impetus for its further development, giving donors an advantage to donate their funds are being spent exactly as intended, as well as low transaction costs also the transaction that automatically became the reason Humancoin chose Blockchain to be the backbone of their platform, Blockchain provides a digital mechanism for recording and viewing any transaction. It is important that the record can not be hacked or modified. Blockchain solves the trust issue by providing transparency, traceability and security.

Then why choose Humancoin, Humancoin is seriously developing a charity flatform with e-commerce so that everyone can charity using the Humancoin flatform and receive benefits in the form of coupons, promos also attractive offers from e-commerce platforms that work with Humancoin. this point is very beneficial for donors not only provide charity funds but benefit from e-commerce that collaborates with Humancoin.

Humancoin partners

Humancoin unites philanthropists and recipients of funds on a single P2P platform in the most convenient and transparent way possible. The blockchain platform fuelled by the “mined” Humancoin token will breathe new life into the charity industry, proving an engine of growth. While at the same time becoming a premier global loyalty program for an increasing number of partners in e-commerce.



Humancoin charity Distribution is a very challenging work, but with Humancoin and Blockchain’s tech network the work distribution will be fast and efficient, donors need not be wary of their funds because Humancoin will convince the distributed funds will be transparent even anyone can see the transactions that are being run. Humancoin network speed access will make the various distribution of charity will be channeled to the recipient facilitate fund.

Humancoin flatform network is of the trusted access in terms of charity distribution. donors will be given access to the flatform of their Humancoin funds distribution this is an important point of the charity network, giving trust to donors where their funds are provided and donors can choose their allocation of funds to whom, organization or foundation, not only the convenience of charity Humancoin provides benefits to donors with cooperation to multiple e-commerce so that donors enjoy their donor results in the form of pormo e-commerce or other programs. this will provide a good ecosystem effect between donors and e-commerce in collaboration with Humancoin, the sustainability of HUMA tokens in the excang market will be of interest to the users of the ease and benefits to the public and the widespread use.

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