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Symbol HLC
Start Date 20180701
End Date 20181001
Flatform Ethereum
Softcap NA
Hardcap NA
Accepting payment ETH
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Bitcointalk     : papa-tata

ETH address  : 0x559e557411523b8420C9d254C84fa350688D1999

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About HeliosCoin

Various ways to take advantage from cryptocurrency, some people generally use a way like trading or investing into a particular cryptocurrency, but HeliosCoin offers a new way to get profit on their project Autonomous Mining Clusters, from whose name we can already guess that this project move on cryptocurrency mining, but is it mining profitable? some studies say that mining is currently profitable but with investment costs as well as the electricity costs charged for running mining tools such as GPUs and air conditioners is very expensive, so the final advantage of the operational cost difference is very small.
HeliosCoin provides Miner solutions around the world to invest in their projects, their idea is simple that the current mining operational cost to high so the users will get a small profit if the cost of electricity is charged. HeliosCoin is an Autonomous Mining Clusters project where they provide solutions in mining at a very low cost. they can reduce the electricity consumption costs to be small by the way they make the mine cluster in a potential place and generate electricity using solar panels. so that electricity costs can be reduced so low. as a result the profits from the mine increase rapidly.

Cluster Mining Simulation

innovative mining clusters using AI system & solar panels on potential sunlight areas


Helios Coin will have a significant impact on how they do crypto mining. this way will have a very potential impact for investors on their clusters. the idea of ​​making mining clusters using solar panels as electricity generators will reduce their operational to be low costs, they have a vision to make crypto mining clusters in potential areas to produce electricity from solar panel thereby will reducing electricity cost. is it only electricity   cost they can press in their project? they also introduced their AI system as the foundation for crypto mining extensively. their AI system will recognize a variety of crypto currencies around the world and the HeliosCoin AI system will detect which crypto currency transactions are potentially to be dealt with, this way will effectively provide advantages in mining, imagine if A Mining system missed a warm crypto currency in transactions, as we know mining transactions would be effective if mining users in crypto currencies that have a gas charge or are receiving high pool transactions. then with HeliosCoin AI, GPU miners will work effectively and generate a lot of results from transaction costs.the opportunity given to investors is awaited today in the form of long-term benefits in the investment of HeliosCoin. Whether you are interested in a project that is still in the design stage, HelioCoin is clearly different from utilizing existing ecosystems in building their business orientation in the form of maximizing crypto mining processes which are still relatively small profits. the method given by HeliosCoin is very different from how to use it in the general public, the maximum utilization of AI and the use of free security resources is the key to success of HeliosCoin. this is a general description for crypto miners all over the world who still use the old method of mining, wasteful electricity consumption gives less significant results for its users. HeliosCoin prioritizes energy efficiency and caring for the environment by utilizing solar panels installed in areas with high light intensity. this is the distinguishing form on the ecosystem on HeliosCoin so you don’t dream in calculating profits. with so many alternative coins appearing this will give HeliosCoin plenty of opportunities to seriously work on their projects. I am sure that the many alternative cryptocurrencies that already exist or will emerge giving many opportunities for them to grow their business is not just a miner but can bring blockchain or new business businesses with their increasing trust and profit, HeliosCoin really considers their ecosystem, they do not try to try a business design that is still a dream but they develop a business or project that has been running into more profit with a little business expenditure that will make their business healthy and light.

HeliosCoin is perfect in working on their Project in the Autonomous Mining Clusters, their project is very clear in the efficiency of mining costs by utilizing and making cluster mining using solar panels as a power plant in sunlight potential areas so the electricity costs used by GPUs and other devices are become low cost, and utilizing an AI system designed to be able to select and execute in mining potential markets cryptocurrencies . this idea is very simple and has its own market compared to making projects that rely on software or hardware that is still a design, this provides an option for miners rather than having to funds investing to make personal mining cluster and high operational cost compared HeliosCoin that effective in generating income. HeliosCoin’s orientation is to create Autonomous Mining Clusters that have high income growth for investors and users around the world.


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