DECOIN FIRST blockchain Profit Sharing Exchange platform
FIRST blockchain Profit Sharing Exchange platform


Symbol DTEP
Start Date 20180901
End Date 20181006
Flatform Ethereum
Softcap 4,000,000 USD
Hardcap 30,000,000 USD
Accepting payment ETH
Bounty Available

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Bitcointalk     : papa-tata

ETH address  : 0x559e557411523b8420C9d254C84fa350688D1999

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FIRST blockchain Profit Sharing Exchange platform

DECOIN is a Decentralized Blockchain-Based Exchange & Trading Platform with Redistributed Revenues to Coin holders.

DECOIN: FIRST blockchain The Profit Sharing Exchange platform, is the first peer to peer opensorce platform that gives DECOIN holders the same advantages to create a good ecosystem within the DECOIN environment. the opportunity given by DECOIN is so rare that every coin holder has the same advantage by saving their coins and not worrying about expensive investment costs with little luck. DEKOIN offers the same benefits to every user and manager in their platform called D-TEP.


D-TEP is a platform developed by DECOIN’s secure transparent and Combining a Proof Of Stake (POS) Blockchain protocol, provides easy and secure crypto currency exchange and anyone can access from anywhere in the world and has a call center in each country for easy consult if there are difficulties, DECOIN aims to build a world-renowned, quick-action easy & simple multicurrency-exchange and trading platform, the main offer from DECOIN and D-TEP platform is this profit sharing and gives GUARANTEES A 6.2% ANNUAL RETURN TO ALL STAKEHOLDERS is very unique there is no exchange platform that offers such advantages, I can hardly believe because the advantages of an exchange platform is very high profit, this gives an opportunity to anyone receive the advantage as DECOIN holder.

Security on the DTEP Platform provides protection following the technological safety standards of IT in the global industry so that our platform users are protected from data theft or hacking
The transaction process on the global market requires speed in executing orders from traders around the world, every second in trading is valuable, DTEP Platform is careful and capable of executing up to 1 million match’s per second, making D-TEP one of the fastest and most scalable exchanges in the market today.
DTEP provides quick response speed from traders and real time data delivery to users providing easy trading without worries for any loss.
on the DTEP platform provides users the opportunity to learn and share experiences in trading methods with other users who are equally anonymous.
provide convenience to the user in trading by providing statistical data and provide advice in determining the choice and the right time in making decisions.


A core concept of the DECOIN is our sharing economy.We have undertaken to redistribute back to our coin holders up to 60% of our profits on our exchange.
We offer four different types of yield:

1) Profit Sharing – a percentage of the profit sharing generated on D-TEP. DECOIN will distribute up to 60% of its profits on D-TEP, as follows:
– 1st year of activity Up to 40%
– 2nd year of activity Up to 50%
– 3rd year of activity Up to 60%

The profits will be distributed pro rata between holder of DECOIN’s in direct relation to their holdings
2) Proof Of Stake (POS) – All holders of DECOIN will achieve a 6.2% rate of growth Per Annum for staking the coins in their online DECOIN wallet
3) Discounted Trading Fee’s – for all holders of the DECOIN 40% discounted fee if you have DECOIN coins and you want to use them as the fee payment method (0.15% fee instead of 0.25%)
4) Value Creation – Potential increase in DECOIN value following the embracement of DECOIN’s one-of-a-kind Ecosystem.

D-TEP Credit Card
DECOIN ease use  and the DTEP Platform will be provided with the Credit Card facility for every DTEP or DECOIN holder user to easily use their investment in daily shopping around the world, DECOIN provides five (5) types of credit cards with different benefits.

DECOIN and the D-TEP platform provide everyday ease with and exchange on the global market, DECOIN Holder’s profit sharing offerings are certainly a very promising offering in infestations that provide profitable long-term profit sharing. secure access to current information technology standards, transparent decentralized blockchain. 24×7 customer service services worldwide and creditcard development, a good ecosystem will be thought with various facilities and services provided to DECOIN holder.

Visit DECOIN Website and White Paper to find out more


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